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Brining mindfulness into leadership and the workplace

Comprehensive analysis of mindfulness research suggests that injecting a corporate culture of mindfulness not only increases employee engagement, focus and sense of community, but also strengthens leadership qualities and effectiveness. Resonant Spaces offers a variety of talks, workshops and trainings that will not only improve company culture, but increase productivity, wellbeing and ultimately bring better returns.

Mindfulness can no longer be seen as a “New Age” trend. Today, we know it as an empirically backed skill that can be used as an effective management tool to uplift any company. 


amount untreated mental health conditions cost businesses yearly ¹


amount of return for every $1 spent managing employee wellbeing ¹

62 minutes

amount gained in weekly employee productivity using mindfulnes training ²


amount millenials would give up in salary to have better company culture ³

¹ “A mentally healthy workplace: Return on Investment Analysis,” PwC 2014.

² Corporations’ Newest Productivity Hack: Meditation,” The Atlantic, Mar 2015.

³ “Millenialls Want Jobs That Promote Their Well-Being,” Gallup Business Journal, 2016.

Resonant Spaces offers a variety of experiential and informative talks, workshops and trainings with topics ranging from Mindful Leadership to Productivity through Mindfulness.

Having a background in both business and performance, founder Hilary Bucell is a highly engaging and sought-after corporate trainer. She is markedly adept in making the science and practice of mindfulness approachable and applicable to all— leaving your team with more tools to combat stress, enhance leadership and performance, and ultimately move towards creating healthy vibrant lives.

The mindfulness workshop has been a transformational and fundamental practice. I believe all social workers should learn to be more in touch with personal feelings and experiences as we journey through life’s ups and downs. Thank you, Hilary!


Case Worker

I really enjoyed what I’ve leared from Hilary… I can feel the difference by being more mindful and aware in my daily life.


Executive, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

Hilary brings a calm and open approach to teaching about mindfulness. I overall loved the course!



Hilary articulated the science behind mindfulness and anchored it in experiential practices. You literally feel your breath slow and start to come alive within!


Senior Counsellor, Montfort Care

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